The Team

Roberta Kravette

Head of Right-Brain Department

Roberta curates the site content. She does a significant portion of the research and writing, and is the liaison for our wildlife and destination experts. And Roberta makes sure there are lots of responsible experience opportunities for the more … er… cautious among us. 

Facts About Me

1. I believe in the butterfly wing effect: make a tiny wave in one place – and save the planet.
2. I love experiencing nature – however I also love indoor plumbing. 
3. Before I met my husband, my idea of “outdoor gear” was a pair of sneakers.
4. What I learned living abroad for nine years: Understanding is not mandatory - respect is. 
5. Favorite things: Books, art, nature, the sunrise, & my husband - don't ask me in what order. 
6. I am a vegan – because my husband is. 

Les Medley

Head of Left-Brain Department

Les is in charge of all things technical, whether it is the correct equipment for a Himalayan trek or fixing a glitch in the website. He is also Calendar Tsar. When a deadline is met it is because Les is aware of the time (and day and week).  He is constantly on the lookout for the next truly wild (responsible) wildlife adventure.

Facts About Me

1. I have never seen a tool or piece of outdoor equipment that I didn't need.
2. I spent almost two decades in special operations with the U.S. Army.
3. Grandpa taught me that God lives in the tall timber, cold streams, & clear lakes.
4. It has been said that left to my own devices, I would be a hermit.
5. The amount of useless history & science trivia I know is frightening.
6. The #1 wildlife encounter on my bucket list is to swim with beluga whales in Hudson Bay.
7. I am a vegan because my wife is.

Erik Image 1555366_413989008732093_1626491428_n.jpg

Eric Petersen 

Researcher and Writer

Erik is passionate about wildlife. In his quest to help us understand a species and its situation he packs his articles with details and facts, checking and double-checking for correctness. But he is committed to exposing tourism experiences proven to harm or diminish an animal’s life. Erik’s goal is to inspire us to appreciate nature.

Facts About Me

1. My two greatest interests are animals and the environment.
2. I have been a docent at the Statin Island Zoo since 2009.
3. At the zoo I present and explain about birds, small mammals, lizards, turtles, tortoises, various non–lethal arthropods, and non–venomous snakes.
4. I am working on my bachelor’s degree in Biology with the goal to be a zookeeper
5. I am a strong advocate for the environment and animal rights. When events are in my area, you will see me there.
6. I enjoy educating people about animal behaviors, their life cycle, and their environmental needs.
7. I am a vegan