April Highlights

Migrants in Central Park!

Each spring thousands of foreigners migrate across our borders from Cuba, South America, and even Mexico. Under cover of darkness, they make their way north to Manhattan’s Central Park.

Navigating by the stars, sun, and the earth’s magnetic pull, they travel thousands of miles from their southern winter homes en route to breeding grounds as far north as the Arctic. It is a perilous and exhausting pilgrimage. 

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Reader's Report:
Mountain Gorillas!

A reader shares his experience trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. The gorillas had a surprise for everyone - including the professional trekkers! 

Finding Snowy Owls in New York State 

 An icy breeze ruffles the last dry stalks, then disappears into the far tree line. A little mound of snow pounces on something unseen ... What?  

What (Tourist) Species Are You? 

From the Archive: It is not a vacation without prodigious amounts of fresh air and hopefully a wildlife encounter or two. Right? But hey, just like a tiger is different from a leopard, we travelers are different too.

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