September Travel Highlights

Everglades City: Wildlife

Everglades City is gateway to the most, unspoiled part of Florida's Everglades. All of Florida's BIG FIVE species are here: American alligator, Florida manatee, black bear roseate spoonbill, plus Florida's own Big Cat: the Florida panther and more!

Did you know? Your vacation fun can help western Florida's people & wildlife recover from hurricane Irma. This winter let's go to Everglades City!

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Collision With A Glass Tower. What Happens Next?  

New York City hosts over 200 wild bird species but what if they get sick or hurt? The 2018 Wild New York Calendar, featuring photography of Dennis Newsham of TouristPicsNYC, supports the Wild Bird Fund. From gun shot Snowy Owls, starving Red Tail Hawks or collision-dazed warblers WBF is here for wild birds Read More...

Slippery Ann's Amazing Bugling Elk

Autumn Adventure in Montana
We first told you about the amazing bugling elk, the country & people last autumn. In July dry conditions caused fires here as elsewhere in the US. Today, the folks around Slippery Ann wait for us with open arms and so do the elk - well open bugles...
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After Irma,
What Happened to the Wildlife & How Can You Help?

What happens to wildlife when a hurricane or natural disaster strikes? The answer for saving wildlife, fragile habitats, and human communities may ultimately depend on responsible travelers like you.
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