September Highlights

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is home to the world's largest concentration of wild rhinos, and well as leopards, lions, elephants, and critically endangered species like cheetah and African painted dog. Kruger's climate and facilities make it the perfect safari destination for families, children and seniors.  


Wildlife Guide:
African Elephant

What is the difference between savanna and forest elephant, or African and Asian? What is a desert elephant, or musth? Best places to see them, conservation, and fun facts, too! 

Stop - Look – Listen

A children's game or the first step to understanding nature?  In a perfect moment in time, walking among the tall pines of Idaho, it was both.  

Secrets of a Kruger Park Field Guide - Marc Cronje Tells All

His office is the bush; his companions are big cats, elephants, and rhinos. Marc shares favorite places and safari secrets.  

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