How to Take Your Wife to See the Beach, Bears, & Wild Horses

Photographing the Wildlife of North Carolina's Outer Banks & Alligator River National Refuge 

When one member of the family craves the beach and the other some new wildlife subjects to photograph there is only one place to go: The Outer Banks of North Carolina. Wildlife photographer, Joe Gliozzo takes us to Alligator River National Refuge, and the Northern Beaches of the Outer Banks, Corolla and Carova to see black bear, wild wild horses, romantic light houses, and incredible sunrises.

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Field Guide: Whale Shark

Chapter 2:
Whale Shark Conservation Everything You Need to Know  

The planet's biggest fish is in trouble. Whale sharks are disappearing. Why? The good news is that Responsible Tourism & thousands of Citizen Scientists (you!) are contributing vital data to that is helping whale researchers in their quests to help the whale shark survive.   Read More

From Fear to Triumph. How to Dive with Polar Bears

The first time he tried to photograph polar bears from underwater Amos Nachoum almost died, but how could he give up on this creature after a life spent dispelling myths about "dangerous" wildlife? This is the story of ten years of Polar bear study, the true nature of Polar bears and the spirit and wisdom of a man called Ambassador of Big Animals. Read More 

8 Magic Places to See Wild Wolves

Updated 5/2018. One of the greatest wildlife adventures is to see the wolf living, playing and hunting in the wild. Intelligent & shy, still, most wolf species have been hunted almost to extinction. Before they are gone forever, start a wolf discovery life list! From the Arctic to Mexico to Ethiopia to Brazil and the planet's last few wild red wolves, the best destinations for seeing wild wolves around the world.. Read More

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