Once a year, when the days are longest, the full moon tiggers an amazing natural event. Thousands of fishes simultaneous spawn triggering a call to the biggest, adult whale sharks! They arrive to feed on the spawn and the celebration is on! You are invited! Swim with whale sharks, dance to traditional music, sample the delicious cuisine of the Isla Mujeres chefs. Bring the kids! All of Isla Mujeres welcomes these gentle ocean giants that have turned their community around from a fishing economy - to an eco-tourism mecca. Don’t miss the fun!

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Field Guide: Whale Shark

New! More Comprehensive

Learn about these mysterious and majestic creatures. What is a whale shark? What are the conservation challenges they face, plus where and how your holiday to see and swim with whale sharks may help to ensure their long-term survival. Great whale shark photography too!   Read More

Beaches, Horses & Bears.  

Family & Wildlife Photography at North Carolina's Outer Banks & Alligator National Wildlife Refuge    

When wildlife photographer, Joe Gliozzo, needed to combine two passions into one holiday there was only one place to go: The Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Read More

This is Fun! Ecotourism is a Family Affair at Ceviche Tours! 

Co-founder John Vater talks about how friendship, a hurricane and the depletion of the ocean's fish became the catalyst for Ceviche Tours, a responsible and FUN wildlife experience provider.  Bring the kids! Read More

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