April Highlights

How to Find Warblers
& Make Friends
in the
Hudson River Valley

What is the best part of the spring warbler migration? The tiny rainbow-colored birds that just arrived from as far south as Peru, on their way to as far north as Arctic, or is it the great people, colorful river towns, fabulous local food, wine, and beer, or maybe it is the amazing beauty of nature in the Hudson River Valley. Let's go!

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Finding Snowy Owls in New York State 

 An icy breeze ruffles the last dry stalks, then disappears into the far tree line. A little mound of snow pounces on something unseen ... What?   

Migrants In Central Park. The Warblers are Coming! 

Each spring thousands of foreigners migrate across our borders from Cuba, South America, and even Mexico. Under cover of darkness, they make their way north to Manhattan’s Central Park. 

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska  

Old-growth temperate rainforest, endangered wildlife like otters, whales, wolves, bears, and birds, plus centuries old indigenous culture, all local family friendly businesses and that’s Responsible Nature Tourism on Prince of Wales Island. 

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