August Travel Highlights

Bringing Nature to the People - Grace Farms

Interview with Mark Fowler 

Getting kids and families unplugged and out experiencing nature is only part of the mission at Grace Farms in New Canaan, Connecticut. Halting both human and wildlife trafficking, encouraging the arts and personal contemplation, and creating stronger communities are all on the agenda. It's a tall order, but one step at a time, who knows what this peaceful place will inspire?  

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What is the Value of
Nature and Wildlife?

Opinion By Mark Fowler
You might be surprised to learn it is one of the world's leading and fastest growing industries, bringing socio-economic benefit - and lower blood pressure for the participants. 

Seeing the Last Asiatic Lions in the World

A Readers Report
The last wild Asiatic lions in the world survive in Gir National Park, India protected and cherished by the people who live with them. Our reader, Hiren Khambhayta, has a passion and a photographer's eye. for these magnificent big cats. 

Kayaking with Alligators Big Cypress N.P  

An Everglades Adventure
Kayaking was never on this city-girls bucket list, much less kayaking with alligators! Then, Tod Dahlke, owner of Tour the Glades, invited Destination: Wildlife to experience his responsible wildlife tours in the western, most wild part of Florida's Everglades. 

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