See the Last Asiatic Lions in the World, The Lions of Gir

Gir National Park, Guarat State, India 

The last wild Asiatic lions in the world are found only in the Gir National Park, (Gir National Forest). Here, protected and cherished by the local herders who live with them, their numbers have grown from only 12 wild Asiatic lions in 1900 to 500+ today. Our reader, Hiren Khambhayta has a passion, and a photographer's eye. for these magnificent big cats. Note: This Park was one of the first to employ a team of women to protect the endangered wildlife.     Read More

7 Days in Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

A Readers Special Report: For 7 days two friends photographed bears, big horn sheep, moose, & babies galore in “the most majestic national parks in the country," AND They answered the important question: Can a single pronghorn outsmart a pair of coyotes? Read More

What to Do When the Bird is a Bear. 

Sterling Forest, New York  

A peaceful day photographing the spring warbler migration's final stragglers takes an unexpected twist for wildlife photographer Joe Gliozzo and his friend in Sterling Forest, New York. Joe tells us what to do when the bird is a black bear! Note: Some images may be soft due to photographer's trembling. Read More

Beaches, Horses & Bears    

Combining Family & Wildlife Photography at North Carolina's Outer Banks & Alligator National Wildlife Refuge    

When wildlife photographer, Joe Gliozzo, needed to combine two passions into one holiday there was only one place to go: The Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Read More

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