October Highlights

Parnaiba Headwaters National Park

The Cerrado may be Brazil's best kept secret. Over 10,000 plant, mammal and bird species, including maned wolf, jaguar, and hyacinth macaw, make it the planet's most biodiverse savanna - and disappearing faster than the Amazon Rainforest. The Wolf Camps in Parnaiba Headwaters National Park are the epitome of what Responsible Tourism can do for wildlife and human wellbeing.


Wildlife Guide: Maned Wolf

Is the maned wolf a "real wolf" or a "fox-on-stilts?" And why is he called a "fruit wolf"? Find the best places to view the rare and fascinating maned wolf in the wild.

Wild Cerrado! 7 Not-to-Miss Animals

Meet the Amazon's neighbor.  The Cerrado is a unique, ancient, and rapidly disappearing ecosystem filled with rare and threatened wildlife.

Illegal Bird Trafficker + Biologist = Saving A Species

When a young conservation biologist meets some of the best hyacinth macaw traffickers in Brazil's Cerrado it is a win for all wildlife, habitat, and humans too!

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