An oasis of crystal clear natural springs, waterfalls, and peaceful walking trails hides just a short drive from Florida's usual tourist stops. It is home to 60+ bird, 40+ butterfly species. Rainbow Springs was a privately owned tourist trap until the interstate by-passed it by in the 1970s. Today, locals and the few savvy travelers who know Rainbow Springs State Park swim in the crystal clear waters, drink in the beauty of the waterfalls and hold the secret close to their hearts. Shhhhh! Don't tell.

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He's Free. Short-eared Owl Returns to the Wild

Just hours away from death, a young endangered short-eared owl is rescued by a quick-thinking shop keeper. It took a village of dedicated samaritans to give him his future. But it is the decades-long work of the Friends of the Washington County Grasslands (New York State) that may determine his fate.  Read More

How to Get "Killer" Photos. Amos Nachoum

Sharing your space with a great white shark not quite your style? Renowned wildlife photographer documentarian, and expedition leader Amos Nachoum says anyone - even if 80 years old - can swim with whales And your extraordinary  experience might help save them and the planet. Read More

My Awesome Adventures with Grey Whales

When a retired teacher & Peace Corps. alum & a psychiatric social worker from New York went to Mexico's Baja Peninsula they never expected anything like this. In one special place on Earth grey whales introduce their young to humans     Read More  

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