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A Day in Puffin Paradise

Machias Seal Island, Maine
(or Canada??) 

As a wildlife photographer, nothing gets your blood going more than the opportunity to photograph a species you’ve dreamt about for your entire career. And my blood was going in July of 2015 as I planned a summer vacation we could all enjoy, "all" being myself, my wife and our two adult sons.         

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Everything About African Elephants

 Wildlife Guide: African Elephants What is the difference between savannah and forest elephant, or African and Asian? What is Musth? African elephants are dying at a rate of 96 per day. Here is their conservation story, life cycle and great places where you can still see them.  Read More

Just Me & An Alligator One Day on the Water.

George L. Smith State Park, Georgia
An autumn day of solo kayaking and photography in Georgia's unique George L. Smith State Park takes a turn when an alligator unexpectedly shows up - and tags along. Tips on photographing water and reflections on nature's surprises. 
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Can A Calendar Save Birds? This One Can 

New York City hosts over 200 wild bird resident and migrant bird species but what if they get sick or hurt? The 2018 Wild New York Calendar, featuring photography of Dennis Newsham of TouristPicsNYC, supports the Wild Bird Fund. From Snowy Owls, to collision-dazed warblers WBF is here for wild birds Read More...  

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