In the Footsteps of the Conquistador. Driving the Coronado Scenic Trail Byway.

Legend has it that this is the route Francisco Vasquez de Coronado travelled in 1540 when lsearching for the fabled seven “Golden Cities of Cibola,” There were no golden cities. Instead Coronado mapped a real treasure of wildlife, nature, and unequaled scenic vistas.

This 116-mile (187km) 2-lane road is a rollercoaster ride through the desert high country of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. It includes the last Designated Primitive Forest in the US Forestry system: The Blue Range Primitive Area. This is a nature photographer’s dream road trip. Bonus: Listen carefully. Will you hear the howl of Mexican grey wolves returned to the wild near here? Read More

Stop - Look - Listen

How does a child begin to see the natural world? Sometimes it is through the eyes and gentle guidance of a beloved granddad. A true story and the perfect game for every age.

This is a game anyone can play, from the smallest child to the most senior citizen. Play it in the garden or in the wilderness or even a city park. Nature is everywhere if we Stop - Look - Listen. Read More

The Amazing Wildlife of Everglades City

Florida’s south-western tip is far less explored, fascinating, and wild than its eastern side.

Memory here goes back 100 years. Watch horseshoe crabs romance on a deserted island, track the planet’s last wild Florida panthers, see wild alligators and crocodiles on the same day, and the birds! Experience the real Florida. Read More

WARNING, You Can Only See These Birds in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria made a mess of Puerto Rico in 2017, flattening nature as well as buildings. But nature is rebounding in miraculous ways. Puerto Rico is a birder's paradise with 17 endemic bird species, 18 if you count the Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola) about whom debate rages., Plus 330+ migrants, introductions, and others. Read more

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