How to Take Great Photographs of Butterflies

Taking great photographs of butterflies is never easy. The small, delicate creatures are constantly moving!

So, what lens is best and what ISO? What’s the difference between Macro and Portrait photography? What time of day are butterflies at their most photogenic? And what about flash or speed flash? To get great photographs of butterflies you need patience and a steady hand, a couple of good lenses and the right settings help, too.

Destination: Wildlife Team member and wildlife photographer, Robert Wallace shares some tips and secrets he has developed for taking beautiful buttery photography. Read More

The Best Place in New York City to See Warblers

Audubon Society calls New York’s Central Park one of the best birdwatching spots in the United States. It is a prime rest stop for migrating birds following the Atlantic Flyway. During spring warbler migration, New York City is the place to be. The endangered cerulean, the sun-shiny yellow, and the gorgeous Blackburnian warbler are a few of my favorites. Then there are accidentals, like the Kirtlands that unexpectedly arrived last year! You never know what may “fall” from the sky into a New York City park. They are here and gone quickly, don’t miss them! Read More

The Best 7 Places to See African Rhinos

These are the 7 best places in the world to see wild African rhino, one of the most endangered species on the planet. Some are luxurious, some basic, some are also rescue stations, caring for the orphans of poached mothers. The Africa’s entire wild populations of both the black and the white rhino species can be found mostly in these few protected reserves, where they are still at risk from poachers. Lion, elephant, zebra, a plethora of fantastic birds and more share their wild home. Your visit helps to protect them all. It’s time for safari! Read More

African Mind Games, Giraffes on the Horizon

Funny how the mind works. No matter where or how often I travel, my first impression of a new place tends to be based on what I’ve experienced before - at least subconsciously. I share my hometown with 8 million people (literally), and almost as many sky scrapers. And a lot of construction cranes - so many in fact, that sometimes they color my view of the world. One morning driving through Etosha National Park, in the dry, arid Kunene Region of Namibia, I saw a group of construction cranes moving over a low rise. They were walking … Read More

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