Saving Sea Turtles with SEE Turtles

Six of the world’s 7 species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered, of the 7th no one knows enough to say. Can communities, kids and volunteer tourism in some of the most beautiful places on earth save the turtles? Brad Nahill, co-founder and director of SEE Turtles is proving the answer is Yes! His aim is to help 1 Billion Baby Turtles reach the sea. Find out what the tiny hatchings have to face and how the efforts of communities, kids and others are helping to turn the tide in their favor.

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What is Responsible Tourism? 

Travel makes memories, stimulates creativity, it's relaxing, refreshing, brings family and friends together - It can also contribute to peace, prosperity, and environmental protection. When your vacation does right for the world, that's responsible tourism. It's an ancient philosophy with a new twist. Have fun! Go on Holiday! Help the World.   Read More

The Best Places in the World to Swim with Whale Sharks

One full year of the most beautiful places in the world to responsibly swim with whale sharks. Find out where the whale shark researchers go, the best destinations to take your family, where to find whale shark festivals, places you can be part of whale shark citizen science, and places to fall in love with the water and whale sharks and more.  Read More

Slippery Ann's
Amazing Bugling Elk

Montana’s Missouri River Country. Each autumn, Rocky Mountain elk begin to call. Their beautiful, eerie, unforgettable sound wafts through the trees and across the grasslands. This is the best time for families and wildlife photographers. Experience the symphony of Slippery Ann’s bugling elk at the Charles M. Russel Wildlife Refuge Complex. Read More

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