11 Reasons Why Sea Turtles Are Super Heroes

Sea Turtles are Super Heroes! These ancient marine animals are responsible for protecting everything from little fish to sea grass beds to coral reefs and the sand dunes that help to keep storm surge from washing our beaches and houses, away.

Without sea turtles quietly doing their work, we humans could be in a lot of trouble. The trouble is sea turtle populations are shrinking. Here are 11 amazing facts about sea turtles you probably didn’t know, and a few reasons why you should care. Read More

In Memorandum
Jim Fowler

Hordes of pajamaed kids, myself included, first “met” Jim Fowler on Wild Kingdom every Sunday night (1963-1988). For the vast majority of us, that half-hour, full of exotic animals and adventure, (or sneak peaks when our parents watched him on the Johnny Carson Show) was our first introduction to the planet’s natural world.

We bid Jim, Good Adventures, last week at the New York headquarters of the Explorers Club where he’d been an Honorary President and a legend among legends. Read More.

The Best Place on Earth to See Monarch Butterflies

A high mountain forest outside of Mexico City, Mexico is the site of one of the most amazing and beautiful migrations on earth, monarch butterflies. Each year millions of the orange and black butterflies find their way to the fir trees of Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (a UNESCO World Heritage Site.)

This is a truly magical place

Monarch butterflies are beautiful, but they have a lot of imitators. Some are so good that they even fool us! Take a look. Read More

Exposed! The Wild heart of Vibrant Calgary

Wildlife is not usually a “must-see” in major city, unless of course, that city is Calgary Alberta. Along with a vibrant cultural scene, there are 8,000 hectars (19,768 acres) of wild parkland with 905km (562 miles) of pathways to explore inside the city limits.

In Calgary, the humans, all 1.3+ million of them, and wildlife, including the coyotes, have found a way to thrive together. Wildlife photographer and Calgary native, Derek Foldeak takes us on a tour of his three favorite wild places in the heart of the city. Read More

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