Rescued in New York, Snowy Owl is Free to Soar Again

When the emaciated and dying young snowy owl was found by a good samaritan and his dog, the North County Animal Rescue knew just what to do. But what happens after rehabilitation? Disappearing habitat and climate change are taking their toll on the world’s remaining snowy owl population. The Friends of the Washington County Grasslands, IBA are working to change that.

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In the Footsteps of the Conquistador. Driving the Coronado Scenic Trail Byway.

Legend has it that Francisco Vasquez de Coronado travelled this route in 1540 searching for the fabled seven “Golden Cities of Cibola,” instead he discoovered so much more. The 116-mile (187km) 2-lane road is a rollercoaster ride through the desert high country of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and the last Designated Primitive Forest in the US Forestry system. Read More

Amos Nachoum: Winner in the Sienna International Photography Contest

Our good friend, wildlife photographer Amos Nachoun has taken the coveted first prize in the wildlife category of the 2018 Sienna International Photography Contest. Over 48,000 images from 156 countries competed. His astounding image, entitled: Facing Reality of a leopard seal and gentoo penguin was photographed in the freezing waters of Antarctica. Read More

4 Wildlife Saving Organizations You Should Know About

All over the world, small organizations work on the front lines of wildlife conservation. In Africa these include Virunga Alliance, Marine Megafauna Foundation, Cheetah Conservation Fund, The PAMS Foundation and more. These dedicated, passionate men and women are educators, rangers, and rescuers. They work with locals (some friendly. some not). Human/Wildlife coexistence is part of all their programs. They live for their animals - and sometimes they die for them. Read More

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