It is Time to Save the World

Harnessing the growth of travel, the third largest industry in the world, is a powerful way to preserve the world's natural heritage. Done right, travel contributes to peace, prosperity, and environ-mental protection. Want to do your part? Have fun! Help save the world by taking a responsible holiday.

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Have You Discovered Prince of Wales Island?

Sweet air, crystal water, an abundance of nature on land, air and sea, Prince of Wales Island is the perfect destination for rediscovering nature, learning about indigenous Tlinglet and Haida cultures, watching humpback whales and orcas breach, and walking through an old growth temperate rainforest. If you are lucky you may even see an endangered Alexander Archipelago grey wolf. 
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How to Get Great Wildlife Photographs in the Forest

Great Smoky National Park, North Carolina & Tennessee

Getting great images of wildlife in the forest, hidden by lush foliage and bathed in diffused light is tough!  Nature photographer Robert Wallace shares his secrets for getting shots of black bear, Manitoban elk. and more. Good tips for staying safe in black bear country too.   Read More

The Last Asiatic Lions in the World. The Lions of Gir

The last wild Asiatic lions in the world are found only in Gir National Park, (Gir National Forest), India. Protected & cherished by a team of women wildlife keepers and the local herders who live among them, their numbers have grown from only 12 wild lions in 1900 to 500+ today. Hiren Khambhayta couples passion with a photographer's eye for these magnificent big cats.  
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