9 Great Books on Wolves - REVISED! 2019

We have revised our list of the 9 Greatest Books on Wolves. Last week I realized that one of my favorite wolf books filled with facts, science, and the beauty of the natural world, was not on our list - and neither were some of my other much-notated and dog-eared (wolf-eared?) volumes. How is that possible? I got busy.

The new 2019 list includes beautiful first person accounts, and books on the science, history, and the political temperature driving wolf conservation, plus the definitive reference book on the species by the acknowledged expert in the field. We also included wolf books for kids and teens, and a beautiful wolf photography book for your coffee table. BONUS! We invited our good friend, and passionate wolf advocate and expert, Maggie Howell, executive director of The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York, to share her best wolf book pick… and there is more. Read More


How to Take Great Photographs of Butterflies

Taking great photographs of butterflies is never easy. The small, delicate creatures are constantly moving!

So, what lens is best, what ISO? What’s the difference between Macro and Portrait photography? Is there a time of day when butterflies are more cooperative? And what about flash or speed flash? To get great photographs of butterflies you need patience, a steady hand, and a couple of good lenses, the right settings help, too. Wildlife Photographer Robert Wallace shares his tips. Read More


Beware the Bold, Bad Birds of the African Bush

You have to be clever and tough to share your home with lions, leopards, and elephants. If you are a BIRD that goes double! Meet the bold, bad birds of South Africa. Their outrageous behaviors is astounding. From acrobatic eagles to strutting, snake-stomping raptors, to the fabulous fishers, meet the badass birds of subsaharan Africa!

Good friend, naturalist Marc Cronje, a bird and wildlife field guide specialist, to name his favorites – and their secrets! . Read More

My Search for the Best Places for Grizzly Bears

Where can you find grizzly bears in North America? Wildlife photographer and Team member, Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven, known as Vango Photos, takes us on his continent-wide quest to find the best places to photograph the brown bears.

Jorn begins in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, sharing tips on the best locations to see and photograph the bears in their own environment, as well as some of the challenges the species is facing there. This is the first in a multi-part series. Read More

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