9 Reasons To Love the Grasslands National Park

Imagine standing on a rounded ridge looking across an endless prairie grassland. A ferruginous hawk soars high above the undulating hills; the wind rustles the grass at your feet. To the west are the telltale signs of a prairie dog town, but no sign of its inhabitants. The quiet and emptiness of the world around you literally seems to take your breath away.

And then, a small motion catches your eye. A bison head appears just down the ridge from you, then another, and another. Within a minute or two, a 30-strong herd of bison are staring at you staring at them. The endless plain is suddenly condensed into 100 meters of ridge-line, and the emptiness melts away. The bison turn as a group and walk down towards the prairie dog town, ... Read More

11 Reasons Why Sea Turtles are Super Heroes!

These ancient marine animals are responsible for protecting everything from little fish to sea grass beds to coral reefs and the sand dunes that help to keep storm surge from washing our beaches and houses, away. Without sea turtles quietly doing their work, we humans could be in a lot of trouble.

Sea turtle populations are shrinking. Yes, above that’s a baby caught in garbage. Here are 11 amazing facts about sea turtles you probably didn’t know, and a few reasons why you should care. Read More

10 Rare Birds Worth the Search in Surprising Namibia

Here, where ancient salt flats meet mountainous red dunes marching to the sea and mopane woodlands dot scrublands and savannas; where ancient pastoral culture and modern life breath the same clear air and lions drink from water holes with elephant and oryx and giraffe, there is something magic in the air. Watch. You may see a movement. Listen. You may hear their call. Birds, specially adapted to this arid land. Birds, so rare you may never see them again. This is Namibia. Read More

Adorable but Harmful. What To Do With Nutria?

The Big Bend National Park in Texas is a place of many surprises. Along its southern-most border, where the Chihuahuan Desert meets the Rio Grande, a myriad of plant and animal, bird and fish species can be found, including some that are threatened or endangered. But there is one species doing especially well, and although it may be adorable, it is not welcome. Nutria were brought to this country for use in the fur trade, and abandoned to the wild when fashion taste changed. Today, they are a ravenous invasive species, chomping away at vegetation, destroying habitat and further stressing threatened and endangered native species. What to do with this new neighbor is becoming a nation-wide challenge. Read More

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