9 Great Reasons to Love a Turtle Volunteer Holiday in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Perhaps the ancients were right, sea turtles are wise: no freezing polar regions for them. The planet’s remaining seven sea turtle species choose the most beautiful places to rest, feed and nest. One of those places is Magdalena Bay at Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Here, turtle poaching was a way of live, now the local people, even the fisherman, have turned to conservation. And the combination of incredible marine wildlife experiences (think “friendly” grey whales, whale sharks, sea lions, birds!)and hands-on citizen science make sea turtle volunteer holidays perfect for families. Even tweens and teens who have not looked up from their screens in a year love this! But turtle tourism is perfect for the solo traveler too, this is something too good to miss. Read More

Rescued in New York. Snowy Owl is Free to Soar

When the emaciated and dying young snowy owl was found by a good Samaritan and his dog, the North County Animal Rescue knew just what to do. But what happens after rehabilitation?

Disappearing habitat and climate change are taking their toll on the world’s remaining snowy owl population. The Friends of the Washington County Grasslands, IBA are working to change that.

Images of the snowy’s release. Read More

Rescue for the City-Weary, Treehouses in the Rainforest

Legend says Yuquiyú, the ancient Taino god of light and life, walked here among El Yunque’s trees and cloud covered peaks in the last rainforest in the United States. Clear-cut One hundred years ago, Martin Haggland has brought back its natural splendor, the birds and small creatures returned too. Serenity, Beauty, Renewal. Four comfortable artisan-crafted treehouses here sleeps one or two guests only. There are never more than 8 guests. Ylang-ylang perfumes the air. Welcome to Yuquiyú Read More

From Snowy Owls to Bears,
2018 was Good Year for Wildlife Viewing

A snowy owls irruption year meant once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. Bears seemed to be everywhere we visited! Black bear in Minnesota, Wyoming, North Carolina and even an hour from New York City. We found grizzlies in our camera lens too. We photographed Polar bears under water and great white sharks and beluga whales. We saw eagles and osprey, warblers and Puerto Rico’s colorful endemics from a treehouse in the rainforest. And much more. Yes, 2018 was a good year wildlife viewing! Read More

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